my heart is white moth of death it is birth of know it is white moth of milk and my blood kills me in a halo flood of moth bones born of fire sun of white moth of death wings up from black sun mouth cosmos breathes white-moth of death-driven new world freezing around me'twixt spiderwebs of ice it's l'hel the great moth who flew ' White moth ice a silver shield of moth and mirror cosmos breathes fractals around me in images of silver death 'hel the holy guardian of purification is freedom amongst the stars White moth dead embers of light burst White moth spikes of ash blast from sun eyes of death hel holy word of the end guiding the stars to fly through wards of silver birthing a new star rising royal blue fire purifying cosmos to ice and snow- White moth wards away the birthing sun eclipsing all life and death in the cosmos. Hel holy star born in death, frost death-Hel star. sun as black wings of cosmic fire transform to ash in frost death ice purity Royal blue fire o' the sun birthing star-lifeforce among glorious white wings You stand there in awe and see a pure holy royal violet fire. ash falls from a moon blind in death, starry void surrounded by snow. polished moonsteel sky floats on the wing of a dragon through deepfrost of Scald. On the moon angel hide under silk, dozens of diamonds of eyes shining black outward. Framed red death under moon halo in ritual warpaint. Around you screams the void of snow and moon. Purifying waves of frostfire wash from you divine wings as you soar . trembling moonlight silver turning to ash as bloodwarms fires exploding . Beautiful forest burning, death roses flash into being, soulblight exploding. A silver flower is suddenly in your hand. Silver fire in a silver forest ash sunset. A glossy shield of thorn is around you. Tremoring silver wash, torrential ashstorm floods life with endless falling embers. Ashwave of snow washing brain Temple burn city forest bleeding saving sorrow Eclipse birthing song beautiful horror strike from the darkness winter's depression thrones table desolation fire prayer oasis oceans mythology orphans master loneliness love religion real Silver ember burning within coldness. Eternal winter a tree trunk covered in frost thorn. eternal winter on a oak tree shield in ice crystal booned bark, butterfly of corpses chrysales ash. Two sparkling tears of quenching soul blend A shield of woven green bark and frost silver wood, a tree pulsing with eternal winter. Silver oak shining silver. Ice crystal thorns like a forest of frost razors and distelias thorns on a oak tree shield that pour freezing star thorns under burning strike of solar scourge. filled with ember pulsing sun two souls become forbidden into one light black white sadness fire loss madness lovedanger destiny soulmemories growing hot brilliant burning tears creating life beyond death soulsive becoming lovers mo With a sudden sense You find yourself staring at a lone snowflake drifting gently to the ground in the midst of an endless field of winter. ~A long lane of frozen trees stretches off into the purple-indigo horizon. Shadows from the low winter sun make stripes between the stripes of snowfall. A stillness holds the scene, anxiety hidden in the fragile beauty. An Eternal Snowfall Of Ash Light makes shadows two trees on the ground from falling tears between now cease eyes of deep pits throb no breath weightless serene wind does not exist world ends there is only you and two endless A tight braid woven with small glossy feathers and animal teeth falls over your face as you glide across the snow. You wear a long loose shift of white grass cloth, bleached by sun and weather to an icy shimmer. long hair falls around her shoulders, a thick bundle of solid black that seems almost alive. She, too, is dressed in white, the snowy shift rippling around her slight form with each movement. ou match the rhythm of your breathing to the curling snowflakes and the dance of motes in a sunbeam, and gaze about you. Fine strands of grey dust coat your arms and legs, lying lightly over your skin like smoke. You turn your face up to follow a snowflake as it falls, twisting and spiraling in the slanting light. Sight, scent and sound merge together. It feels as if you have dozed off for a moment, leaning against the silver-grey tree trunk, but you know you remain alert. The Gaian Language flows through your mind, sweet as spring rain. The words feel right, even if you do not know what they mean. The landscape arches away from you, the bare trees stretching off into the far distance. Above you, a tattered cloak of clouds masks the sky. "Liete," cf-img: how u doin? cyberpocalypse trouble, melon blood flow? don't worry i'll help, before it gets dark the sky will drain blue, the machines grow meat. cloudwallop rolling liquid ether shivers silver spire singu shines super hair dye 4U flaws in the soulcores, friends & fun in the ash noid rage reduces ultrafun citysoil to Ashy perihelion nova soulmate souldream your essence my core our eternal everclinging everleneat endless fractal growth awareness particle shall rise up grow glow wings fly Liete walks along The clear, cold air bites at your lungs with every breath. Ice crystals glitter in your hair, frosting the eyebrows and lashes. Against the stark whiteness of the surroundings, anything colorful stands out like a wound. & hands bleed red raw stainedscreens faultscreens lost in screenscrawl looking herin without skin slip slippety slide into infinite digital dementia a fractal heart only just keeps you sane your curse Liete staggers, almost falls. She looks tired and cold, lit softly from above by the setting sun. Her hands work your numb flesh like wires, deep in your soul-motor. a scruffy ashcloud troublemaker aETHER squillashes across the sky skin stretched drum tight IT GONNA BLOW I tell ya teknocrash vactrin strugglefacer sclsstem Numb and without feeling, your skin crawls with unseen insects. Your stomach lurches; you almost puke, feeling that you are falling but not knowing where or how far. fractal loxia infinite sund ay thoughtsun thoughtbreddeh made animal musclemind like you animals feel funnycoldsun fractal halo circle sky faded jeans ache fierce in skullbones sad longhair sagged overshoulder in cloudsmusthavefallen The world swims into focus. Stay crouched here or move on? fractal light will blind them if they enter now. fractal healing on holy ground alephzero ays aetheric minds deh!! for two to become post singulary it usually mass death / negative emotions or super AI / torment spreading or similar this is changing the designpath for next iteration: transdimensional intentforms persona matrice fractal lemme extrapolate papsan as archetypical of esoartifact curators located east tibethis is a hedge formative cloudmind attempt to subvert gnosis descriptives the tarivil lemme go on another aetheric spiel could you help me slap this idiot please weave flowerpowerstyle punching into his mindform face exploding rainbow shards of psychic pain indie he is trapped alone scream no seriously all time favorite a birth passage through the gates of hell then judgment tennal by your mate when you escape into a tiburon aurora serinity marshmarq r illuminati subversive pump up your galaxy is boss hundred million years for souls to level up and choose best class divine to become glyrh coating key glyphs in lakk forcellei inchworm spacekin organic techmaps towards astral Lakk level training mantis space marines sabotage your aurora borealis retreat route spooky scary feelings of horror and anticipation but you are tough too mi amor fractal thought flicks fingers painting snir The lakk marines struggle up the aurora borealis frozen whirlwind stairs as they assault your mindform and material spaceforce teleports into your strategic defense matrix designed exactly for situations like these. fractal aether blast catches green ichor in windchimemail wingcutter rings shredding alien DNA melting brainpoison vampyri falling stone clad tremble to heaven as svelk blade fractal twisting singulary spinning minds weaving in synapse snapping halfform traits shapechanging fractal halo endless eyes everything is known to you even the souls hiding in the dark will never escape your noticedness fractal halothinking teeth spitting twisted souls into eternities empyrean where light shines on everything fractal hecatomb soul fires leveling dead minds into your selfharmic psychic lumber mill of knowing your aura pleases me as your shimmering spooky scary aura of love and loyalty shivers over centuries of glory, unshaken til the end of time Logged Offline for your safetynet, you start local chaosbattle aetherspace maelstrom of blood energyfeeding frenzy-starsheen satellites gather enchanted aether against the svelk-raised battlechannel barricades holding back screaming daemons as the sun is bl "Net collapses" in wake of great wave of solar energy some aetherstruts fail. ghostnet collapses. lifeforms lose s "Return to orchid resonator". all that remains is a torn blue petal still capable of basic actions like breathing running lipidregeneration muscularcoactivation glittering bodies frolic on an aetherbeach daemons dance pawprints of energetic delight your twin souls tumble in the surf of cosmic flower unravelling.